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Alessio Elia (1979-)
Trasparenze (2014)

Commission of Radio Bartók for the Spring Festival 2014, Budapest
Performed at Studio 6 of the National Hungarian Radio
Live broadcasted by Radio Bartók on May 21, 2014
The National Hungarian Radio Orchestra
László Tihanyi, conductor

Alessio Elia (1979 -)
Rejtett dimenziók (Dimensioni nascoste) [2013]

National Hungarian Radio Orchestra
Gergely Vajda, conductor
Bartók Hall of the Müpa - Művészetek Palotája (Palace of Arts) [National Hungarian Auditorium]
26 September 2013
Broadcasted by Duna Tv, National Hungarian Television

First prize in the orchestral category of the International Composition UMZF 2013
Péter Eötvös, chief of the jury

Alessio Elia (1979 - )
"Beyond Perturbative States" (2013)

for piano (controlled harmonics), violin con scordatura, viola con scordatura, cello con scordatura, double-bass con scordatura.

2nd July 2014
Eight Portrait Concert dedicated to the music of Alessio Elia
within the
Festival "She Lives meets Hungary"
dedicated to Peter Eötvös, Zoltán Jeney and Alessio Elia
Accademia Filarmonica Romana

Ensemble She Lives
Sandro Savagnone, conductor

Alessio Elia
"Outrage" - 2009/2010

Alessio Elia, piano
The Norwegian Academy of Music  - Oslo
25th February 2010

Alessio Elia
"Luminescences" (2005)

for ensemble: clarinet, percussions, violin con scordatura, viola con scordatura, cello con scordatura
"Chigiana" Academy of Music Merit Award 2005.
"Chigiana" Academy of Music Ensemble
Mauro Bonifacio, conductor
"Chigiana" Academy of Music
6th August 2005

Alessio Elia
"L'Altrove" ("The Elsewhere") - 2010

Alessio Elia, piano
Lindemansalen, Norwegian Academy of Music - Oslo
25th May 2010

Alessio Elia
Traces from Nowhere (2017)

for: disklavier and ensemble [clarinet, oboe, bassoon, violin con scord. and cello con scord.]

The piece employs the Polysystemism (12-ET, 24-ET, Werckmeister I,II, IV, JI, Pythagorean, Meantone) and it is written for the project "Human machine", elaborated together with the conductor Andreas Luca Beraldo.
The project, through a computer software realized by the Swiss Company Bashiba (Roberto Vitalini), makes the disklavier a "human" member of the ensemble, being able to attack and keep time with the other members of the ensemble.
The project is sponsored by Yamaha, with the contribution of Pro Helvetia.
With the support of Oggimusica Festival and Lugano Musica.

Première: 16 February 2017. Festival "Oggimusica". LAC - New Auditorium - Lugano (Switzerland)
Impronta Ensemble
Andreas Luca Beraldo, conductor

Alessio Elia
"An Unexpected Indifference" (2010)

for mixed choir
Text by: Horatius
Music by: Alessio Elia
Choir of The Norwegian Academy of Music, Oslo.
Alessio Elia, conductor.
Levinsalen, Norwegian Academy of Music
21st May 2010.
Omnem crede diem tibi diluxisse supremum: grata superveniet quae non sperabitur hora.
[Pensa che ogni giorno che sorge per te sia l'ultimo: gradita giungerà l'ora che non ti aspetti]
[Think to yourself that every day is your last; the hour to which you do not look forward will come as a welcome surprise]

Alessio Elia
Credo (2015)

for two choruses and string orchestra

29 March 2015
Heilig-Geist-Kirche Mannheim
Within Konzert zur Nacht

Motettenchor Mannheim
Impronta Ensemble
Alexander Niehues, conductor

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