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Il Doppio Confine di Csáth
(The Double Border of Csáth)

Opera Trilogy based on the life and the artistic activity of the Hungarian writer Géza Csáth
The Trilogy is made up of the following operas:

11 Accuse per Olga
(11 Accusations for Olga)

First Opera of the Trilogy
Opera in 2 acts
for: singer soloists, chorus and orchestra
Libretto and Music: Alessio Elia
Date of Composition: 2004 - 2006
Duration: 2h

Première of the "Prelude": 19 January 2006 - "S. Cecilia" Auditorium. Roma.
Players: "S. Cecilia" Academy of Music Orchestra
Conductor: Chia - Hong Drapal Liao

Opium - Sinestesia onirica per un epilogo -
(Oneiric - Synestesis for an epilogue -)

Second Opera of the Trilogy
Multimedia Opera in 9 parts
for: singer soloists, ballet, ensemble, electronic files and video-projections
Date of Composition: 2005 - 2006
Duration: 1h 30'
Storyboard, Organization of the Synestesis and Music: Alessio Elia

Première (chamber version): 17 December 2007 - "Rátkai Klub" Music Hall. Budapest

La Morte del Mago
(The Magician’s Death)

Third Opera of the Trilogy
Opera in 7 parts
for: a singer soloist, his double, two top model-actresses, a mime, secondary singers, mute actors, dancers, invisible chorus and large orchestra.
Libretto and Music: Alessio Elia
Date of Composition: February 2003 - October 2004
Duration: 2h 30'

Première (chamber version): 17 June 2006 - Nyitott Műhely. Budapest

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