Vocal music - Alessio Elia

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Vocal Music


for: mezzo-soprano and orchestra

Text: Umberto Saba
Date of Composition : June 2000
Duration: 12'

Silenti Città
(Silent Cities)

for: mezzo-soprano, piccolo, 2 flutes, 3 violins, 2 cellos, double-bass and piano

Text and Music: Alessio Elia
Date of Composition: January - July 2001
Duration: 10'


for: mezzo-soprano and ensemble

Text: Arthur Rimbaud
Date of composition: 2011
(Orchestral version: 2013)
Duration: 7'

5 frammenti da - La Volontà di Potenza -
(5 fragments from – The Will to Power - )

for: singer soloists, 5 chorus and large orchestra

Fragm. no. 7 - 41 - 47 - 19 - 81 from "The Will to Power" by F. Nietzsche
Date of Composition: June 2003 - January 2004
Duration: 25'


for: mezzo-soprano and piano

Date of Composition: May - July 2003
Duration: 5'

Première: 20 March 2005. Auditorium of Cesano City. Cesano.
Ilaria Piccin, mezzo-soprano
Alessio Elia, piano


for: soprano and sax soprano, on no text

Commissioned by "Duo Saxopran". Copenhagen
Date of Composition: July 2007 - September 2008
Duration: 8'

An Unexpected Indifference

for: mixed chorus (SATB)

Commissioned by: Norwegian Academy of Music
Date of Composition: 2010
Text by: Horatius
Duration: 6'

Première: 21st May 2010. Levinsalen, Norwegian Academy of Music.
Choir of The Norwegian Academy of Music, Oslo.
Alessio Elia, conductor.


for: two mixed chorus and string orchestra [choir 1: 4 S / 4 A / 4 T / 4 B (minimum) // choir 2: 4 S / 4 A / 4 T / 4 B (minimum) // string: 2 2 2 2 1 (minimum)]

Date of Composition: 2014-2015
Text by: Symbolum apostolorum VI p. C.n.
Duration: 10'

Première: 29 March 2015. Heilig-Geist-Kirche Mannheim, within Konzert zur Nacht.
Motettenchor Mannheim
Impronta Ensemble
Alexander Niehues, conductor

Voynich Emblemata

for: mixed chorus and ensemble [choir: 8 S / 8 A / 8 T / 8 B // ensemble: 1 fl. / 1. ob. / 1. cl. / 1 hn. / 1 bs. / 1 perc. / pf. / 1 d.bs]

Date of Composition: 2014-2015
Text: excerpt from the folio 99v of the Voynich manuscript.
First employment of the Voynich manuscript text.
Duration: 15'

Voynich Lied - Ai Prigionieri

for: soprano, trumpet, piano.

Date of composition: 2016
Text: excerpt from the folio 99v of the Voynich manuscript.
Duration: 8'

Première: 1 June 2016. Hungarian Radio Studios - Márványterem.
ArTRIUM 2016 V/5 concert series of Bartók Radio. Live broadcasted by Bartók Radio.
Adrienn Miksch, soprano
Tamás Pálfalvi, trumpet
Krisztina Fejes, piano

Incantesimi di Merseburg

for: 16-part soloist mixed chorus (SATB)

Date of composition: 2019
Text: the two Enchantments of Merseburg (Old German)
Duration: 14'

Première: 21 February 2020. Gesellschaft für Neue Musik Mannheim.
Kammerchor Stuttgart. Frieder Bernius, conductor

Commission of Kammerchor Stuttgart

Outskirts of Matter

for: countertenor (baritone), accordion, piano, trombone, 2 violins con scordatura, cello con scordatura.

Date of composition: 2020
Text: Alessio Elia
Duration: 12'

Première: 15 December 2020. Arnold Schönberg Center. Vienna
Alois Mühlbacher, counter-tenor/baritone
Ensemble Wiener Collage (soloists and members of the Wiener Philharmoniker)
René Staar, conductor

Commissioned by Ensemble Wiener Collage
Dedicated to: Cecily Brown

The piece is inspired by the gospel of Mary Madgalene

Celestial keys

for: two sopranos and orchestra [2 flutes - 2nd also piccolo, 2 clarinets in Bb, bassoon, bass trombone, piano, harp, 3 percussionists, 5 violins con scordatura, 2 violas con scordatura, 2 cellos con scordatura, double-bass]

Date of composition: 2023

Text: "Second Angelical Key" in Angelical language (Enochian language) written down through divination sessions carried out by the seer Edward Kelley and transcribed on paper by John Dee.

Duration: 9'30''

Première: 5 November 2023. Festival "The Day of Listening". BMC - Budapest Music Center.
Márta Murányi, Judit Szathmáry, sopranos. Concerto Budapest Ligeti Ensemble. László Tihanyi, conductor.

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