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Master class in Composition

Rome, 16 - 23 July 2016
Scatola Sonora-Accademia di Musica-Scuola di Musica all'Esquilino
Via Ferruccio 32b

Organizer: Scatola Sonora-Accademia di Musica all'Esquilino
Partner: She Lives

Professors: Sidney Corbett, Alessio Elia

Sidney Corbett’s topics:
Seminar: Strategies in composition for chamber ensemble
Seminar: Analysis seminar in contemporary composition for chamber ensemble
Instrumentation practice in writing for winds and strings

Alessio Elia’s topics:
Seminar: Music as a physical phenomenon
Seminar: Polysystemism. A simultaneous employment of different tuning systems emerging from String Theory, M- Theory and Quantum Physics – based on a lecture at a conference held at La Cité de la Musique, Paris
Laboratory: Extended techniques in flute, cello and piano

The course includes significant analyses of important compositions from the contemporary literature.

Active students are invited to discuss their work with professors during individual meetings and to take part to the final concert with a piece written for the ensemble in residence.

Passive participants are entitled to attend seminars, the laboratory and the discussions of active students about their works, but they cannot discuss their own works with the professors.
Passive participants are invited to attend the rehearsals and the final concert of active students, but they cannot propose their own works.


The course is held in English (seminars, laboratories, group lessons).
Individual meetings can be done in the following languages:
Sidney Corbett: English, German, Spanish
Alessio Elia: English, Italian, German, Hungarian


The course provides the performance of the students pieces during the final concert (Saturday 23 July – h. 19:30).

Composers are invited to write a piece for the ensemble in residence
(without conductor), which includes the following instruments: flute (also piccolo, alto, bass and flute with Robert Dick’s slide – watch the video), cello and piano (one player).

The piece can be written for any combination of the instruments present in the ensemble, from solo instrument  to the whole group and must not be longer than 6 minutes.
Scores and parts, preferably written with a music notation software (Finale, Sibelius, etc.), must be sent as a pdf file no later than June 23 rd, 2016 to the following e-mail address:

Music as a physical phenomenon – Alessio Elia
(17 and 18 July – h. 17:00 - 18:00)
Introduction to music as a physical-acoustical phenomenon (waves, intensity, harmonic series, perceptive consonance/dissonance and its reformulation as a "sonic permeability", critic band).
Analysis of the following physical-acoustical phenomena, related also to different tuning systems: beats, differential sounds, ghost-fundamental (third sound).

Analysis seminar in contemporary composition for chamber ensemble – Sidney Corbett
(17 and 18 July – h. 18:20 - 19:20)
The seminar will focus on compositions of chamber music and for small ensemble.
Analysis of scores by: Corbett, Ligeti, Kurtág, Lachenmann, Brass.

Strategies in composition for chamber ensemble – Sidney Corbett
(19 and 20 July – h. 17:00 - 18:00)
Different techniques of writing addressed to small ensemble.
Analysis of types of writing for strings and woodwinds.

Polysystemism. A simultaneous employment of different tuning systems emerging from String Theory, M- Theory and Quantum Physics
 – Alessio Elia
(19 and 20 July – h. 18:20 - 19:20)
The seminar, with the addition of new sections, is the re-proposal of the conference held at La Cité de la Musique in 2014 and intends to explore the already codified tuning systems (Equal Temperament of 12 halftones, Equal Temperament of 24 quartertones, Pythagorean, Meantone, Just Intonation, Werckmeister I, II, III, IV), their interrelations and the "artificial" tuning systems emerging from the simultaneous employment of the tuning systems mentioned above.

Laboratory on extended techniques for the flute, cello and piano – Alessio Elia
(22 July – h. 17:20 - 19:20)
The laboratory aims to investigate the timbric and expressive resources emerging from extended techniques and "non-conventional" ways of playing.


The Master-class will benefit from  the presence of an ensemble in residence (not conducted) which includes flute, cello and piano (one player) that will perform the pieces of the students of the composition course.
The final concert
will take place on Saturday 23 July – h. 19:30 at the concert hall of the music school.


420 € for active participants
210 € for passive participants

For external participants
60 € per each seminar. Seminars and laboratories are also open also to interested parties who are not enrolled at the courses. Each seminar is made of two meetings.


23 June 2016

External people who wish to attend seminars and laboratories can register that day.

Info at the website of the Academy - click here

For more info:

Download the brochure in English

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